Would it be okay for My gf becoming by yourself with chap Friends?

Reader matter:

Is it okay for my personal girl to get by yourself with a man pal performing numerous tasks?

She has men friend she hikes by yourself with and another male buddy she goes working with. She’s told me often times she’s no desire for him romantically, but I’m sure she locates him actually appealing.

I additionally heard through certainly this lady friends the guy she goes hiking with provides a crush on her behalf.

Do I need to tell the lady to eliminate spending only time together with them, or was I being insecure?

-Mark (Arizona)

Gina Stewart’s alternative:

You should not tell your gf just what she can or cannot carry out. You’ll set yourself up for even a lot more trouble inside connection.

Nor in case you simply have to consume it and feel awful. What you’re feeling is genuine and needs to get treated through interaction.

Speak to your girl with what you’re feeling and just why, but get it done in a confident method, inquiring her input about how to start fixing the problem.

In a wholesome commitment, she will appreciate that she has some control of how you feel and will wanna help curb that for your family.

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